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Remember Me

3 Hour CEU Training For Dementia Caregivers & Social Workers Training will include the full viewing of the play, “Remember Me”; an overview of dementia; discussion with caregivers and professionals working with dementia; and talk back with actors, writer, and director about the unique artistic opportunity to raise awareness about the stigmas associated with dementia. Based on a play by
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Set in England – it’s WAY MORE than an Accent!

American high schools love to perform plays that are set in England. Why is that? Have you ever wondered if there is more to the English than the “funny” way they speak? “What is this language you speak” Mary Lennox in The Secret Garden Find out: What some of the differences are between the use of Ameri-speak and Brit-speak. Learn
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Don’t Let the Drama Get You Down

Considering self-care practices for world weary days What ways do you help yourself discover rest and relaxation? What ways do you decompress from the stress of the day? Perhaps you need to consider: Creating better boundaries around yourself and choose to do art for your own sake not just your work. Resilience as a practice to lift you from toxic
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Dealing With Rejection

In life, we don’t always get what we want. Specifically theatre is often about auditioning, and auditioning can be a difficult process. How do we deal with life when we feel like we didn’t get what we worked so hard for: Developing resilience to deal with rejection. Learning how to cope with disappointments. Figure out how to redirect ourselves in
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Igniting Your Inner Actorvist

Using your theatre skills to change the world What are your theatre skills and talents? What if you could use them to make a difference in the world? What difference would you make? Perhaps you would: Write a musical about your LGBTQ+ experience, or climate change, or growing up as a Muslim. Create a flash mob experience to bring awareness
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